Videos are our Passion

Let JiB Productions Limited show off your product or service in a new light. Our attention-grabbing videos will showcase your product in a way that will engage with your customers as well as reaching out to a wider audience. 


What makes a memorable video?


Comedy?  Characters?  A catchy jingle?  A compelling story?


Well, it's all of the above.  The trick is to keep it simple and stick to the point… or as we say… ‘Focus on your BIG picture’. 


Creating 'mini-stories' is the best way to make your video memorable and sell your product or service.


You're Audience Needs You


The more regularly you upload fresh and exciting videos, the more engagement with your product or service people will have.




We work with talented music composer Jamie Robertson to create truly unique and original music that's tailored to your video.  Whether you need a jingle, theme music or a heart-warming rendition, Jamie at Mauve Studios will compose a beautiful score that will enhance the viewing experience and make your video memorable.

Some screenshots from our videos

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