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oops, meant to mean " sascha" :-) jujd: yeah, I've been doing the same for a while I think I will take it to the mailing list though... I'm curious if there's a better way sommer: yeah, best way is to start by documenting it in plain text on a wiki and then convert it to pdf. A mailing list is too late, because it would be taking 2 days to review pdf format standards. sommer: I wish there was something like a static xsd file... but i'm not sure it is possible. jujd: that's why I wanted to start with the plain text... I wasn't expecting this to be a doc that would stick around for awhile... just wanted a good way to keep it structured and in sync for my own reference jujd: that would be nice, maybe there's a way to take a xml file, then generate an xsd from it, then a pdf... but that's an idea for the future :-) Does anyone know the command to get the dpkg config? I think there was something like dpkg -config, but its not working for me. i am trying to make sure i am on the correct release. im on ubuntu 8.04 lts server edition stefanlsd: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a sommer: thanks. I needed to run that with sudo. Thanks. I will try and test. :) np sommer: Im not sure if this is correct, but maybe you can help me figure it out. I installed php5-gd to get php to display pdf's. Now i need to test it. The problem is i have no idea what kind of test i need to run on the test server, i thought there was a website with pdf's you can test. But i cant find it. Does anyone know what it should be? - This is where i got the pdf stefanlsd:





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Jd Lee Sudarshan Guha Pdf Free Download resbatt
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