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.Meilahti Meilahti (Finnish: "lighthouse" or "sentry tower") is a district and a suburb of Helsinki, Finland, located south of the city centre. The area has six schools and five kindergartens. The old train station is in Meilahti. Most of the residents of Meilahti work in the nearby centre of Helsinki. History Meilahti is one of the oldest settlements in Finland, and in the 15th century it was one of the settlements in what was then Sweden. It was a part of Meilahti Manor (Varsinais-Suomen herra). The naming of the settlement came from the lighthouse of the same name. The first lighthouse of Meilahti was built in 1615, but it was demolished in 1765, because it was too small. The second lighthouse, made of brick, was built in 1771. It was designed by Dutchman-architect Pieter Post. The new lighthouse was demolished in 1895, due to the risk of fire. Meilahti Manor was owned by several families, including the Trettin and Belfrage families. The manor was destroyed in the fire of 1812. The railway station of Meilahti is the oldest station in Helsinki. The station was built by the Helsingin Päärakennus (Construction of Helsinki) company, in 1872. The station is one of the most prominent stations of Helsinki, because of its neo-romantic style, and its proximity to Meilahti Manor, which is one of the most well-preserved manor houses in Helsinki. The building is now used as a museum for the rest of the manor. The church in Meilahti was built in 1794, and was demolished in the early 19th century, because it was found to be too far from the centre of Helsinki. The current church building was built in 1841 by Charles Steen. Kulttori The "Kulttori", or Culture Hall, is a cultural centre for Finnish language and culture. The Kulttori is located near the Meilahti lighthouse. It is built in a Neo-Renaissance style, and has a modernist interior. The Kulttori is used as a cinema, the most




Jenda Pai Kapiraju Movie Download Utorrent 192 [Latest-2022]
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