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Short Film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival

Strict vegan, Jessica always gets her way. When she discovers her boyfriend has been having an affair with meat, she has only one thing on her mind - revenge. But what opportunities does this offer a dead Cannibal, freshly killed the day before? The most unlikely of characters team up for what becomes a horrifyingly comical series of events as we discover the ramifications of Jessica's actions. Slick, stylish and packed with more surprises than a chocolate selection box, this short movie will have you laughing, and crying for more.

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Feature Radio play aired on Resonance FM

We are taken into the far future, where humans have spanned beyond galaxies, and universes.  A human-computer virus known as the ‘Veto Nix’ has spread throughout mankind.  The Veto Nix infected humans through a microchip inserted into the brain at birth.  The microchip was designed to give complete brain control and improve human learning capacity.  It became evident the ‘Veto Nix’ virus eradicated human faith, belief and ultimately love. 

There was, however, a resistance that formed.  This collaboration was between ‘free’ humans (without microchips) and processors.  Though beyond the categorisation of the microchip, ‘Net Central’ understands the importance of love, faith and belief for survival. 

The processors send a young boy and girl on a quest across the universe, to discover the values of faith, belief and love.  This is there story…